The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming

The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming covers C/C++ game development on Windows and Linux using SDL. It was written by Jazon Yamamoto with general guidance from André LaMothe. This book covers all the skills necessary to create amazing games. It will take you all the way from pixel plotting to full-blown game development. Written with beginners in mind, this book assumes no prior knowledge of game programming. Anyone can learn how to program exciting video games using this book.

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Inside you’ll find:

  • An introduction to game development on multiple platforms using SDL.
  • Extensive coverage of coding techniques used by programming gurus.
  • A complete guide to game engine design and implementation.
  • A modern approach to software architecture.
  • Advanced programming procedures and optimizations.

Downloadable files include:

  • All the source code used in this book.
  • Video tutorials for each chapter.
  • Standard tools used for game development.
  • The SDL standard development library.
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